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Frida Åkerlund, Patrik Thulin, Velitchko Velitchkov – Retail Academics

Development partner for retailers and brands

Retail Academics is specialised in analysing shopper behaviour to generate insight-driven growth across channels



New: The New Shopping Behavior 2023

We know shopper behaviour

84 500+

Interviewed shoppers in store and online

2 200+

Analysed eye tracking recordings of entire store visits


Evaluated campaigns


Projects executed

For brands

We can study almost any question regarding existing or prototyped products in a data-driven and solution-oriented way, through studies in the actual store environment.

For retailers

We offer retailers to evaluate, test or explore their questions or through reliable data based on actual shopper bahaviour in store. 


About us

The company was founded in 2011 with roots in world-leading retail management and shopper behaviour research. Our mission is to generate data-driven insights helping our clients to implement successful campaigns and improve their presence in store.

We use unique shopper-centered methods and collaborate with world-leading retailers and brands to develop their sales and improve the customer experience. 


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Om oss

Our tools

To get a broad and thorough understanding of the shopper, we always combine an effective selection of at least two data-sources that capture different aspects of the behaviour or attitudes of shoppers. By for instance connecting eye tracking data to receipts, we can measure a particular behaviour's impact on sales.

Eye tracking

Through advanced eye tracking technology we can find unique insights that cannot be obtained from other methods. The eye tracking glasses film what the shopper see and registers eye-movements to show exactly what the shopper looks at – with a precision of up to 0,01 seconds.


Our own trained market researchers follow the shoppers in store and conduct in-depth qualitative interviews about their behaviour – either throughout the entire store visit or for key parts of the customer journey. 


Retail Academics has extensive databases providing relevant benchmarks for key KPI:s in most projects. This gives a broader perspective and helps interpret the collected data in a relevant context. 

Personnel interviews

The store personnel's perspective is important for many initiatives. By including it in our analysis, we can help to ensure efficient and frictionless implementation and re-stocking.

Online eye tracking panel


We can perform simpler eye-tracking tests through online panels. Thereby, unique, fast and cost-efficient inisghts can be genereated about your packaging, shelf layouts, campaigns or ads. Besides attention; emotions and engagement are also captured.

Online panel

We can execute large scale online surveys. They can contribute to brand or store evaluations, or in-depth e-commerce studies to adapt online channels. 

Receipt/sales data

In conjunction with other data sources, we can tie the results to specific receipts which allows us to measure effects of particular behaviours on the sales. Beyond individual respondent's receipts, we can also gain access to the store's sales data.

Shopper observation

To study the shopper's general behavioural patterns in store or in the category, our market researchers can conduct shopper observations. This method can easily generate a large sample size, and is an important complement in many of our projects. 

Shopper interviews

We often conduct interviews in-store through our own market researchers. This enables us to meet the shoppers in the most relevant context, as close to the purchase as possible. This method can be far more accurate for store-related shopper research than online surveys. 

Latin square & sales data

Latin Square is an academically founded method allowing us to design in-store experiments that can isolate the sales effects of individual variables or initiatives, tying the tested variables to sales data.



Mystery shopping

We offer mystery shopping studies with our highly trained and experienced market researchers.



When our initiatives are put in a category perspective, are tested in real stores, and evaluated with sharp sales data; we become stronger in the central negotiations.


Thanks to Retail Academics' analyses and insights, our important category initiatives are both heard and implemented throughout the entire grocery retail sector.


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