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Services for Brands

Retail Academics has long worked with the largest brands in Nordic grocery retail, but also in other consumer goods segments.

It's difficult to predict how shoppers react, especially where habit is involved. It takes more than gut feeling to launch a new product, change a packaging, execute a campaign, or develop a category.

Our unique presence in the physical store – where we conduct everything from simpler interviews to advanced sales and behaviour experiments – enable brands to feel safe that we provide them with reliable and realistic data to take decisions from.

In-store testing

Tests in store that secure the implementation of your initiative.

  • What placement in the shelf generates the best sales effect for our product(s) and the category as a whole? 

  • Can our projected initiatives be implemented in store? What effects do they have? 

  • What communication gets the most attention in the store environment? 

  • What data-based arguments can we use to further the implementation of our initiatives in stores?

Product and concept testing

Assess your product or concept initiatives before launch to ensure success.

  • How can we expect our new product to perform in stores?

  • What do shoppers think about our new product, its design, and its positioning in relation to the rest of the assortment?

  • How will our new packaging concept be received by shopppers? What positive/negative effects may it yield?

Insights online

Accelerate the online development through shopper-centric insights.

  • How do our shoppers behave online in comparison to physical stores? 

  • How do shoppers interact with our brand's online and offline touchpoints? 

  • What products and campaigns are the most sought-after by our online shoppers? 

Category development

Deep-diving insights driving category growth.

  • How can we work to contribute to the category's development in store? 

  • What is the optimal planogram to improve the shopper experience, to inspire shoppers, and/or to make our products more visible in the shelf? 

  • How can we best work with inspiration in our category?

  • How can we get shoppers to try more products?

Campaign development

We thoroughly evaluate campaigns to optimise their effects based on solid insights

  • What promotions, messages, and products are most effective for our category? 

  • How can we increase the sales of our campaign initiatives? 

  • Do our campaign have the desired effect on the shopper experience and our brand perception?

  • Is the communication related to our campaigns effective? How can it be improved?

We love to tailor to your needs

Our customers often have unique projects that we design from the ground up. We always listen to your specific needs –  can combine relevant tools to get the needed insights.

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