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Services for Retailers

We are rooted in the academic retail management research world, giving us a solid theoretical groundwork to base our studies and recommendations on. At the same time, we have over 11 years of practical experience with experiments, surveys, re-builds, and research in real stores. With over 2200 analysed entire store visits captured with eye tracking, we dare to say that we know stores and shoppers better than anyone.

We work with retailers from, among others, the fashion, convenience, grocery, and health sectors, to develop their concepts, sale areas, or communications through actual shopper behaviour studies. Knowing what is working enables retailers to invest in initiatives with a large effect on sales and satisfaction. Knowing what doesn't work can save considerable effort and resources. 

Omnichannel shopper journey mapping

General analysis of the shopper journey throughout all channels. 


  • Do our shoppers have a webrooming or showrooming behaviour? What role does each of our channels have? How is the physical store used by shoppers? 

  • How do shoppers use their smartphones in store? Can we incite them to use our app to a greater extent?

  • Where can we reach shoppers most effectively before the point of purchase?

  • How can we best integrate our online and offline channels for a better omnichannel shopper journey?

Communication effectiveness

Interaction and experience.


  • Is our communication noticed? Where should we place it?

  • Do we have the right communication in our store?

  • Do shoppers benefit from the communication? Do they request other communication?

Sustainability development

From strategy to actual change in shopper behaviour.

  • How can we through nudging steer the shopper to more sustainable decisions and behaviours in store? Kan we thereby further our sustainability goals? 

  • How does the shopper perceive our store and its assortment from a sustainability perspective? 

  • Can we facilitate for our sustainability-driven shoppers through work with communication and placement in store? 

Concept evaluation

Before and/or after the implementation.


  • How do shoppers perceive our store concept? Do we create the right experience? 

  • How do we make our store concept future-proof so that we remain attractive in a digitalised context? 

  • Is our physical store an effective touchpoint between the shopper and the brand?

  • Do shoppers behave as we predicted in store?

  • Can we make the store easier to navigate, or improve the presentation of our assortment?

Sale area effectiveness

Interaction, sales performance and experience.

  • Do our sale areas capture the shopper's interest? 

  • How large a share notice or buy from the sale areas? 

  • How can we increase the performance of  oursale areas? 

  • Do our sale areas have the desired effects on shopper experience? 

  • How is our staff's work affected by the sale areas? 

We love to tailor to your needs

Our customers often have unique projects that we design from the ground up. We always listen to your specific needs –  can combine relevant tools to get the needed insights.

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