Optimization and Evaluation of New Store Concept to Maximize ROI


The client operates in a competitive environment, and after a review of their stores they decided to develop two new store concepts. The purpose of the concept development was to create a design and implement it in the stores so they would look more uniform, be more inspiring and make it more apparent to which chain the store belonged.

Retail Academics’ mission was to create a framework for evaluation of the two new store concepts. The key was to identify how the new store concepts affected shoppers’ behaviour in the store.


In workshops with the client, we discussed the expected outcome of the new concept. After which we where able to create a collection of evaluation variables to measure.

The analysis consisted of:

  • Shopper behaviour
  • Shopper flow
  • Purchasing process thorough eye-tracking
  • Shopper attitudes
  • Attitudes towards brand
  • Attitudes towards assortment
  • Overall shopping experience
  • Employee attitudes
  • Attitudes towards the new concept
  • Practical implications
  • The results were used as part of a fact-based basis for the evaluation of the new store concept.
  • Insights from shoppers and staff were used to upgrade the concept and minimize problems during the rollout of the new concept.
  • The new concept created more movement throughout the store.
  • The concept has been implemented in several stores to great effect.
  • The employees felt involved in the entire process of transforming the stores.