Evaluation of Digital Signage Effectiveness



The client was among the first to work with digital signage in a in-store environment. In order to develop the medium they wanted to receive quick feedback about how it worked and continuously improve it.

There is a big difference between communicating on screens in the store environment and, for instance, outside communication or TV- commercials. Therefore, in the long term, the client would use the new combined knowledge to learn how to communicate the most efficiently on screens in the stores.


By creating an index for the articles, and groups of products, displayed on the screens, together with continuous monitoring of the attention paid to the screens the client get a better understanding of the medium’s scope and impact.

The analysis consists of:

  • Sales and transaction data from 271 stores
  • Per product
  • Per group of products
  • Shopper behaviour in store
  • Manual observations in three different zones of the store
  • Shopper interviews
  • Attention paid to digital signage
  • Attitudes towards different content
  • Ongoing compilation over the last three years, which enables the client to follow the development of the medium in a structured and efficient manner
  • Reports for the client to share with their clients who advertise on the screens in-store, including sales index, content evaluation and the medium’s scope and impact
  • Continuous work to optimize the medium:
  • Maximize sales
  • Maximize the pricing for the ads
  • Optimize placement
  • Optimize content
    – Type of ad, number of ads, mix of content, time per ad.

“Using Retail Academics, with thoroughly worked out research methods providing a credible and guiding basis for decisions, is key to drawing sensible conclusions in an environment as complex as retail. Without this setup, my feeling is, we often work blindly, and as a result, make the wrong decisions.” 
Fredrik Holmvik, Head of ICA Media