Development Partner for Data-Driven Growth

Retail Academics is specializing in data-driven development of sales and shopper experience for retailers and brands. On the back of unique shopper-centric methodology and in-depth retail knowledge, we turn shopper understanding into real action and value.

About Us

With roots in the world leading academic research on retailing and shopping behaviour at Stockholm School of Economics, the company was founded in 2011. Our mission is to be the pioneering company within data-driven insights and Shopper Intelligence to help Retailers and Brands excel their in-store performance.

Therefore, we are striving to be a forefront player in digitalising the physical store, applying the most value-adding in-store technologies and enabling the store to become a platform for data and insights.

With our unique shopper-centric methodology for insight driven growth, we work alongside some of the world leading retailers and brand manufacturers to develop sales and shopper experience.

We are organized in three areas: Insights, Consulting and Innovations, each with a mission to provide our clients the best possible solutions.