Insight Driven Growth

Retail Academics works alongside some of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers to develop their business and turn shoppers into buyers. Our clients include manufacturers, fashion retailers, grocery chains, convenience stores, drug chains and e-tailers.

About Us

Retail Academics is a boutique consultancy specializing in solutions for transforming the retail experience, which include strategy, marketing, and store, category and product development. Founded in 2011—with roots in the world-leading research on retailing and consumer behavior at the Stockholm School of Economics and its Center for Retailing—we have grown rapidly to become a forefront player in shopper intelligence. From our base in central Stockholm, we work with clients globally.

We believe that the future belongs to those who, in an agile way, can turn shopper understanding into real action and value.  Therefore, our practice is built on a shopper-centric approach, combining academic methods and retail knowledge to identify and drive growth and ultimately make shoppers’ lives easier and more rewarding.

We are organized in three areas: Insights, Consulting and Innovations, each with a mission to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.